The Revival of Philosophy: Unlocking Truth and Purpose in the Modern Age

In short, philosophy is a search for truth, not an answer or replacement for it.

Due to a variety of reasons, the study of philosophy was largely abandoned by the American school system except for a few select institutions of higher learning.  Whether Prince, President, or Pope, Philosophy has been the tool of choice for the most significant decisions ever made.  Philosophy provides the foundations of all arts and sciences that exist.  Logic and reason are the primary tools of philosophy, and dialectic discussion is the Philosophic means to discover the truth.

To reason is to arrive at something new from any given circumstance of facts.  American Society has not been trained this way, although most will know of the ways I describe here.  Most training is done like training an animal, through repetition, reward, and penalty.  Repetition is reasonable to learn a language but absurd to learn how to think unless repetition is needed for understanding.  We repeat again and again and take a test. How many of us would fail our degree or certificate a year after graduation?

I searched for the best way devised that would help me improve my consciousness through understanding and truth.  I reviewed various theologies, ideologies, systems, and beliefs and arrived at the philosophy of Plato and Aristotle and their Ancient Greek peer group.

Ancient Greek Philosophy describes the means of reasoning and organizing the universe.  Sure, they might have made an error of two, but Ancient Greek Philosophy remains as the foundation of Western Civilization for the last 2,400 years and will for 2,400 years more.  And despite this very glaring fact, those in charge of our education systems consciously deny the American student the right to know.  They might wring their hands, concerned that these important lessons are not taught, then justify it with budget constraints.  But most will not have a clue as to the importance of philosophy and some will even consider it evil or wrong, ironic.

Our education system planning must have always been the same; they cannot find competent teachers for the volume of students so cut out the tough stuff like philosophy.  Students having fulfilled lives was not the priority back then.  The priority around the 1900s was to build a nation and for that workers are needed.  This is now the standard to teach what is needed to get a job and follow instructions.  Most parents wish their children good jobs, encouraging them to understand their lessons well.

I have witnessed the discontent of the generations they call Millennials, the ones called Gen-Zs, and others.  We see they do not share the ambitions of those before them because they recognize jobs are not their real purpose on earth.  But having been trained as those before them have been trained, they cannot reconcile the contradictory parts, so they revolt against a society being forced on them.

They need the tools and practices of Philosophy to realize their true life potential and purpose.  Our purpose is to find others willing to face the hard questions in life and deal with them as a philosopher would.  This is the purpose of the Lyceum-Gardens of Orlando. We intend to bring cordial and thoughtful discussions to the gardens in backyards and public spaces where we all live.  Cindy and I hope you join us.

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